by DriXx MADison



-Pissed-off Conscious Rap with a twist.- I wanted the vibe to feel good and have lots of energy. This is the second Single off Drixx Madison’s upcoming second album "BleaK NebuLa".


1st Verse
My vernacular is spectacular, fully liable to bite her neck, black Dracula
Now you live forever as my bride as the mind’s eye, solar flare and Rapture coincide

I am hotter than the sun, kissing on another sun, wrapped in flame thrower blankets, drinking molten lava Son

So bear it all in mind, when it’s buy the album time, and anticipate my next line

And, and, and, there is not a solitary track I can’t devour, making competition cower, faces sour and they scour, every half an hour, as I blatantly hit you with power, that I shower, from my pen game dodging arrows from ya tower

So when the beat drops I pick it up and proceed to slang grammar
with something you can feel. Man I live this thing for real,
so anywhere in-between 50 hertz and 50 kilohertz I’m ill

It feels good? (YES) Like it should? (YES)
On site? (YES) It take flight? (YES)
You with Drixx? (YES) Up in this? (YES)
All night? (YES) Ya damn right! (YES)


2nd Verse
Why is NASA after me? Because I broker deals on the moon slanging Helium 3

And that greed of money gets you missing real quick G
See it was never due to bullets your riddled with envy

When I speak my truth I want to touch you, but all the idiots rap about is simply wanting to touch you
I'm quiet in the cut, I’ve never been the type to run around with-a-circle-of-male sluts

And, and, and, there is not a solitary track I can’t defeat, as I consume fire than expel heat up on the beats, that I eat, never sleep, and in hindsight see I’ll never peak or take a seat, in measures or the stanzas that I greet

You dinosaur, my approach Carnivore the bar’s lower than before
So when you need me holler at Drixx I cure rap diseases, need me in your life like Atheists need Jesus

It feels good? (YES) Like it should? (YES)
On site? (YES) It take flight? (YES)
You with Drixx? (YES) Up in this? (YES)
All night? (YES) Ya damn right! (YES)


3rd Verse
You are now listening to Drixx Madison’s clone, it’s been a hundred moons since I slayed the original

With-spare-parts-in plastic, drastic, classic, bait-and-switch; so if you ever hear-me-talking-about Bricks I’m talking-about-building, foundations and skyscrapers to feed children

What’s my attitude towards society? I’m like a casserole full of Rat Poison. DON’T TRY ME

There is not a solitary track I can’t smash, reach into my verbal stash like cash on that, shattering the glass, than digesting all the future’s past, so the future couldn’t last, narrowly escaping bomb blasts.

Far from new to this
Homie I’ve been lyrical since Altered Beast dropped on Genesis¬¬¬
Floating in the stratus, question anything in this world except my mother fk*n MC status


released August 3, 2017
Produced by Curtiss King
Written/ Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by Drixx Madison


all rights reserved



DriXx MADison Los Angeles, California

Born & raised in LA with a few years in Vegas, DriXx MADison has always had a passion for music. His debut single "Shy But Fly" was released in August of 2013 from his independent album Wolves ARE Coming: The Lost Debut of 2009. DriXx has worked in everything from Accounting, to Group homes with mentally challenged youth, to Americorps. Through it all, his heart's always led back to music. ... more

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